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The Future of Powder Has Arrived

True Black is the world’s premier SLS powder with inherent color.

True Color is a
Game Changer

The color is built into the powder for unmatched color repeatability, through and through

True Black Nylon 12 is the world’s first Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) material designed with inherent black color. It works well in all SLS and LS systems, yielding high resolution black parts all the way to the core.

True Color Wear Resistance
Material Recyclability
Precision Powder for
Precision Manufacturing

Durability Through and Through

True Color parts will not scratch or fade, they are color fast while being strong and flexible. They are resilient to common manufacturing processes that deteriorate other powders.

True Black is ideal for intricate plastic parts requiring a true black color, from models to prototypes to final production parts.

Reduce Waste, Optimize Spend

Powder is expensive, and excess waste doesn’t help anyone. These are some of the biggest problems in the industry we sought to solve.

Our innovative new manufacturing process produces ultrafine powder with superior recyclability. Manufacturers can expect increased powder reusability, saving valuable time and resources.

When handled properly, our powder is the best investment for commercial-grade projects.

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Quality and Quantity

A part is only as good as the powder it’s made from. If you care about precision, you need to invest in high quality powder. Our materials are purpose-built to produce clean, industrial grade parts in all SLS and LS 3D printers. Few can claim that.

Precision powder also means less time cleaning up parts after the build, which can add unnecessary costs and time to product production. It’s worth the investment to do it right the first time.

You’ve thought of every detail, every crevice, every inch and edge of your parts. Shouldn’t your powder be just as exact?

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We work with advanced manufacturers and the most innovative Fortune 500 brands. If you believe in the promise and potential of 3D printing, and are ready to incorporate it into your vision, let’s talk.

Our innovative manufacturing process opens the SLS world to new polymers with important material properties.

We are excited to finally have Structured Polymers' Black Nylon 12 with its superior color and surface finish to offer to our customer base.
Structured Polymers has an exciting new manufacturing process that allows them to quickly develop new superior materials.

From the Team That Invented SLS

What can we create for you?

Structured Polymers is the world’s first colored ink manufacturer for industrial 3D printers that provides true color to the core. We use proprietary techniques to create new and traditional polymers with significantly improved properties at lower costs and in larger quantities.

One of the earliest developers of 3D printing, the inventor of SLS, and the design lead of the first commercial SLS system are just a few of the brightest minds on our team. We bring extensive mechanical engineering, material development, and startup expertise.

We’ve set out to bring the properties of aluminum for the price of plastic. Let’s build something together.

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